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    Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
    Ba boy Unknown not rated ADD
    Baaba both Unknown not rated ADD
    Baadur both Unknown not rated ADD
    Baakir boy African eldest not rated ADD
    Baako girl African first born not rated ADD
    Baal boy Hebrew master, lord not rated ADD
    Baal-berith girl Hebrew idol of the covenant not rated ADD
    Baal-gad girl Hebrew idol of fortune, felicity not rated ADD
    Baal-hamon boy Hebrew who rules a crowd not rated ADD
    Baal-hanan boy Hebrew Baal is gracious not rated ADD
    Baal-hermon boy Hebrew possessor of destruction, of a thing cursed not rated ADD
    Baal-meon boy Hebrew idol, master of the house not rated ADD
    Baal-peor boy Hebrew master of the opening not rated ADD
    Baal-perazim boy Hebrew god of divisions not rated ADD
    Baal-shalisha boy Hebrew the god that presides over three, the third idol not rated ADD
    Baal-tamar boy Hebrew master of the palm-tree not rated ADD
    Baal-zebub boy Hebrew god of the fly not rated ADD
    Baal-zephon girl Hebrew the idol, possession of the north, hidden, secret not rated ADD
    Baalah girl Hebrew her idol, she that is governed, subdued, a spouse not rated ADD
    Baalath boy Hebrew a rejoicing, our proud lord not rated ADD
    Baalath-beer girl Hebrew subjected pit not rated ADD
    Baale boy Hebrew a rejoicing, our proud lord not rated ADD
    Baali boy Hebrew my idol, lord over me not rated ADD
    Baalim boy Hebrew idols, masters, false gods not rated ADD
    Baalis boy Hebrew a rejoicing, a proud lord not rated ADD
    Baalit girl Arabic little goddess not rated ADD
    Baanah boy Hebrew in the answer, in affliction not rated ADD
    Baara girl Hebrew a flame, purging not rated ADD
    Baard both Unknown not rated ADD
    Baaseiah girl Hebrew in making, in pressing together not rated ADD

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