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  • My Baby Name World has more than 73,000 baby names in our database. This is the largest baby name directory on the Internet. We have boy baby names, girl baby names, and names for both boys and girls. Each baby name comes with its origin, name meaning, and votes which help you to find your favorite baby name for your baby a lot easier. Enjoy your stay! This site is sponsored by Tungsten Carbide Rings

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    TOP 30

    Name Gender Origin Meaning Rating Favorites
    Amari boy builder, strong 5.00 ADD
    Arya girl honored, noble 5.00 ADD
    Ava girl variation of medieval given names Avis and Aveline 5.00 ADD
    Angela girl angel 5.00 ADD
    Arie girl lion of God 5.00 ADD
    Arlando boy pledge 5.00 ADD
    Breanna girl strong, virtuous, honorable 5.00 ADD
    Brayden boy broad hillside 5.00 ADD
    Caden boy fighter 5.00 ADD
    Cadan boy battle 5.00 ADD
    Caden girl fighter 5.00 ADD
    Daisuke boy lionhearted 5.00 ADD
    Donald boy world leader 5.00 ADD
    Dorothy girl gift of God 5.00 ADD
    Dravin boy duke 5.00 ADD
    Elishah girl it is God, the lamb of God God that gives help 5.00 ADD
    Ellinda girl 5.00 ADD
    Emma girl whole, complete 5.00 ADD
    Eric boy powerful ruler 5.00 ADD
    Lacie girl cheerful 5.00 ADD
    Landon boy grassy plain 5.00 ADD
    Matthew boy the gift of the Lord 5.00 ADD
    Mikayla girl variation of Michael, like the Lord 5.00 ADD
    Makenzie girl child of Kenneth 5.00 ADD
    Nathan boy given, giving, rewarded 5.00 ADD
    Neona girl new moon 5.00 ADD
    Omica girl 5.00 ADD
    Olumide boy 5.00 ADD
    Orlando boy renowned in the land, variation of Roland 5.00 ADD
    Ousmane boy he who defeated the beast 5.00 ADD